Practical Completion…..YAY!!

Well, we are nearly there. Received a letter giving us a practical completion date of the 19th December!

Going to be a tight finish, but it should happen. We have the painters in at the moment, they finished the undercoat inside as well as the undercoat for the Moroka finish at the front. Once the painters have finished the tilers will go in and finish the main areas as well as the splashback, electrical, plumbing and air-con (?) to be finished up, then carpet on 13/12!

So excited to be so close now. Pics to follow soon!

Peace out peeps!



The Final Countdown….

Well, we are on the home stretch. In the past month we have had the kitchen fitted, cornices up, internal doors and WIR/WIP shelving installed. All of the wet areas plus the front porch has been tiled! The main living areas will be tiled after painting.

Had a slight drama with our stone benchtop. Received a phone call from BW saying that Caesarstone had given our piece of stone away that was originally ordered (Urban). And there was no stock left in Australia!  So a quick trip to New Image kitchens was on to see what else we could use….decided on Oyster. Found out 24 hours later, this was also out of stock! Aarrggh! Third time lucky….decided on Clamshell, a bit lighter than what we originally wanted, but really happy with it, I think it will look great with the dark grey cupboards. (And no variation from BW, even better!)

We’ve been at lockup since 8/11/13 – Love the fact we are at this point, hate that I can’t see what’s happening! When the tiler was there, I popped in a couple of times so could take some early pictures, however nothing new since he’s finished. He inadvertently tiled the bath in the white tiles instead of the dark grey floor tiles, I was able to see that and get it addressed really quickly.

The painters come in this week, really looking forward to seeing some progress there! And, we found out today that the carpet is booked to be laid on 12/12! Got everything crossed for a pre Christmas finish, but I doubt it, we’ll get the walk through, but probably won’t get keys until after the Christmas break. Sigh….






Pre-Lockup – Finally!

Well, after our brickie taking 5 weeks to complete his work, (which he did extremely well) we were beginning to think this stage would never finish! Well, we are pleased to announce that we received our pre-lockup invoice today….woo hoo! So more money to add to the mortgage but another step closer to our beautiful house.

I loved seeing it today with the walls and ceilings up, I can honestly say that it really does make the house bigger. Quite amazing how our eye views spaces when there is just frames as opposed to having walls! Big difference…

Next step is lock up! Doors, internal and external will go on, then the kitchen goes in…REALLY looking forward to that!

We still haven’t received a practical completion date from Beechwood, I’m hoping we should receive one soon.  If we’re not going to be in before Christmas, then so be it, but I really need to know sooner rather than later if that’s the case.

Fingers crossed we can get in before Chrissy!!

Peace out peeps….x0x0x0

Looking out from kitchen sink! Looking out from the kitchen sink!

Media room to the left Looking to the left from the kitchen sink! Media room on left, kids rooms/main bathroom/laundry through the door at the end.

Theatre room

Niche outside Theatre room

Looking up the hallway

Looking up our looooong hallway!

WIP & kitchen

WIP and kitchen

Family room entertainement niche

Family room entertainment niche


Family room – WIP/kitchen

Theatre room entertainment niche Theatre room entertainment niche

Master bed, ensuite door in the middle. WIR either side

Master bedroom – Ensuite door in the middle.WIR on either side (both the same size)



Bricks & Roof

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog. Lots has happened in the past few weeks…our big beautiful roof went up, took less than a week. Then on 20/8 our bricks and sand were delivered.  The bricking started the next day and took 5 weeks! I think it was contractor lotto and we ended up with the company that had one brickie and his son doing it! Arrghh…He did a great job, just took a lot longer than it should have. Oh well it’s done now and looks fantastic. A couple of days into the bricking we noticed that he had piles of the face bricks ready to go in front of the portico. As we are getting the entire façade ‘moroka’ finished,(Similar to bagging or rendering, but it’s a paint finish), the entire front should be bricked with the common faced bricks, not face bricks. He misread the plans and was going to use face bricks for part of it, not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but we would have run out of those bricks for sure! (Apparently, he used over 10,000 bricks! Wow, that’s a lotta bricks!)

DSC03078 DSC03079 DSC03080 DSC03081 DSC03082

We have had our electrical rough in done. Couple of little issues, we were getting outside lights on the two far sides of the house as well as the middle pillars but they couldn’t run the conduit down the middle pillars as they are solid, so we ran the conduit into the eaves instead, hopefully it will still look ok. Next week the eaves are going to be put up, not sure what else, but basically still have the following to do in this stage: air-con rough in, internal walls and ceilings and insulation. Still hoping to be on track for a late November finish….really hope I’m not kidding myself, but it will be a bit clearer in the next few weeks.

Peace out peeps!

We have a 3D!!

Our 3D!

Our house…in 3D!

Wow! Our frames are up, looking fabulous…I am amazed at how small the rooms look 😦 but now that the roof trusses are up, how huge it looks!! 🙂 Love, love, love how my house looks! Also got our bi-fold door delivered, and initially wasn’t a fan of it, considering the huge amount of money we paid for it.  But it is growing on me and I think it will look great once it is installed.

Got an update from the lovely ‘K’ (@ BW) last week…not sure if it if the next step is going to be bricks or roof at this stage, according to Gary (our site supervisor) it will depend entirely on what trades are available….will have to wait and see!

And in other (shite) news….we are renting, just down the road from Brooks Reach at the moment, paying a motza in rent but close to the kids school, handy to the build etc etc…well, we have been given notice to vacate….sigh….so we are moving, again. Thankfully, hubs cousin was just about to rent his investment property out and we were able to get in first! Going to be a pain in the you know what, packing, moving, more travel for the me and the kids for school…blah, blah, blah…..oh well, can’t be helped, just have to suck it up and move on!

Happy trails peeps….peace out



We have a slab! Woot Woo!

We have a slab! Woot Woo!

Well it finally happened! A big, beautiful piece of concrete is now sitting on our block! Saturday 13th July was the day, due to the fact that we were due some rain on the following Monday and Tuesday the slab supervisor decided to book it for the Saturday instead! Bless him, what a guy!! It certainly wouldn’t have happened on the Monday if it was left, as it did rain.
By 9.30 am on Monday morning we had received our invoice for our first progress payment! Progress at last! So hopefully the bank will pay them nice and quick and Beechwood can get on with the next step…frames!!

We have formwork!

Getting the plumbing sorted

Getting the plumbing sorted

Well, after a week of solid rain (the most rain we have had in June in six freaking years!!!) we now have some formwork on site in preparation for the all important slab! All going well, no more rain, we will be ‘slabbed’ next week. We have been waiting for this moment for over 12 months, I am so excited!

We have been contacted by New Image Kitchens in Nowra to confirm our kitchen and bathroom plans – all good!

We are waiting on our electrical contractors to get back to us with a quote for all the extra ‘stuff’ we want. Once we get that we will have a beer with a mate who is a sparky and let him tell us what is better to be done earlier and what can be done by him later. $$$!!

Even got a phone call from the company who are installing the water purifier!

We are heading out to the wholesale nursery soon to buy up lots of Japanese Box Hedge plants. We will buy them now (cheaper, smaller) and hopefully keep them alive until we are in, we will then plant them across the front of the footpath and down the sides of the driveway.

On the list still to do is get a sewer peg out for the pool company (once the slab is down), get quotes for fencing, driveway, window coverings, plus a myriad of other things that we will do when it comes up!!

Starting to get really exciting now, once the slab goes down I’m hoping the build will speed up and not feel so bogged down.

Will post photos of the slab as soon as it’s down!!